Countdown Tip No. 12


You deserve it.

Countdown Tip No. 8


Nothing makes relaxing more delicious than the feeling that your chores are done. So, do a little bit each day.

Get a head start on that mountain the laundry.


Do that load of dishes in the sink.


Change the bed.


Tidy up, you'll be glad you did.

Countdown Tip No. 7


Almost all of the U.S. is focused on one thing on Super International Pajama Day.  We here at International Pajama Day understand the lure, but it doesn't start until later in the afternoon, if you're on the West Coast, and not until early evening on the East Coast. There is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o much lounge time before then.  Pick out a few movies here or here.  If you do it today, they'll arrive well before Sunday. Or go to your local video rental store. Or the library. 

Speaking of libraries, you could *gasp* read.  Rachael brought over a stack of books on Monday, so we could read up on our vacation destination.


(We've never been.)

Or you could catch up on some of your favorite shows.

What ever you choose to watch or read, be prepared people.  Serious lounging is all about indulgence.

Countdown Tip No. 6



If you're like me, you have many pairs of pajamas, nighties and night shirts to choose from.  If you keep up with your pajama laundry, you'll have many options for the big day.   

Countdown Tip No. 4


Last year, you may recall, I topped off Super International Pajama Day by having a Pajama Party with my CAMP gals.

If you're gonna have a Pajama Party, now is the time to invite people.  After all, there is that other historic  event to consider I may even have to break down and include watching it in my Super rigorous schedule of lounging and relaxing.  Come to think of it, last year was historic, too. Didn't the Stones play at halftime?

Who will you spend Super International Pajama Day with?

Countdown Tip No. 3



Today's a good day to go out for a walk, run, swim, cycle or some other form of physical exertion.  In fact it would be a good idea to get physical several times in the next eleven days. I plan to get at least twenty miles in on the Runagogo Challenge, which would put me somewhere close to 65 miles toward my goal of 200.  I will not feel one bit guilty about staying in for my Super International Pajama Day retreat if I keep up the walking routine I've set up for myself.

And there are plusses to walking.  You see things at a human pace.


Like the first daffodils of the season.  Daffodils in January - a true benefit of living in California.


Or the moment the rising sun clears the rooftops around the BART station.

If you get out and about in a physical way, you 'll hardly be tempted to set foot outside on SIPJ Day, no matter how beautiful the weather may be.

Countdown Tip No. 2

You need to be able to relax fully from head to toe, so CHECK YOUR FOOTWEAR.

Appropriate footwear has little structure, and is (preferably) lined with fleece.

I wear these lovely red slippers, gifted to me by Mom several Christmases ago.


They make me feel like Shirley Temple in The Little Princess.  Every time I wear them.

If slippers are not available, a pair of hand-knit socks will fill in nicely.


Or you could try the two in combination. 

Please note the elevated position of the feet - perfect Super International Pajama Day form.

Countdown to SIPJ Day

I know all you busy, busy people may be stressing a bit about the prospect of spending 24-36 straight hours at home in your pajamas (or nighties) on Super International Pajama Day.  Social events come up, kids need rides, you have to go to the grocery store, the dogs need a run, and on and on and on...

It isn't easy to take a whole-day retreat, but is very doable, with a little forethought and training.  In the interest of taking the anxiety out of your day in, I've created a list of Countdown Tips, which I will post every day as we countdown to Super International Pajama Day.

Countdown Tip No. 1: Let everyone know you'll be celebrating Super International Pajama Day on February 4, 2007. INK THE DAY IN on every calendar in the house.


And if you carry a planner, don't forget to ink it in there, too.