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Brenda in toronto

I loved this post!! Really enjoying coming to your blog :)


You crack me up! What fun!!


Great photo-essay! Loved it, thanks for sharing your jammies. :)


Love the pictures. I can't wait for pajama day. Jane


I have no excuses now! I understand TOTALLY what is expected of me. Now, off to create a cute little apron....


Celia, I can see that it's all in the accessories. The pink napkin tucked under the chin put me on the floor. Let me guess, your loving partner has a REAL good sense of humour. Thanks for the much needed belly laughs. Grace


WHAT FUN! I'm sitting here in the Narita, Japan airport laughing out loud and thinking about which PJs I'll be donning on my first Sunday home in nearly a month! What a great blog entry! Thanks for the laugh --- even if the other patrons at the free YAHOO cafe didn't appreciate my belly laugh... if they want silence, they can pay for it at the pay internet cafe around the corner!


.... why are all of those pictures from outside my door? you didnt steal my room for some weird knitting pajama room or soemthing did you? =P

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